PICKLEGLASS™ stands today as the most effective sound- proofing wall system in the market. Engineered to isolate acoustic disruption, PICKLEGLASS™ addresses the long-standing noise concern associated with the sport. This makes PICKLEGLASS™ not only a game-changer in sports construction, but also the first genuine solution for noise sensitive communities. 

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Acoustic Testing


The Sound Transmission Class (STC) measures the soundproofing ability of building materials or components, with higher STC values indicating better performance. This is tested by generating noise at specific frequencies and measuring the sound transmitted through the material.


EXHIBIT A illustrates the configuration used for the acoustic tests conducted at the testing facility. A sound source was positioned at the center of the PICKLEGLASS™ court, with sound sensors located at distances of 1m, 2m, 5m, and 10m outside the court. The sound source inside the court consistently generated acoustical output ranging from 80 to 90 decibels.

Acoustic Testing Configuration | PICKLEGLASS™
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Decibel Loss by Distance

EXHIBIT B represents the correlation between the controlled sound output maintained at 85dB inside PICKLEGLASS™, and the sensor measurements taken at various distances outside its perimeter. The test results demonstrate that, on average, a 50% reduction in decibel levels was achieved at the various distances measured from the sound source. As expected, the data reveals that decibel levels decrease with increasing distance from the sound source. Surprisingly, at distances of 5-10 meters, decibel readings recorded reductions of up to 75%.

Sound Wave Distribution

EXHIBIT C demonstrates how PICKLEGLASS™ achieves its remarkable soundproofing effectiveness. The sound waves are reflected off the glass walls, redirecting the sound vertically and dispersing it upwards, directly above the court. The glass barrier significantly minimizes lateral sound dispersion and noise impact on nearby areas, making PICKLEGLASS™ particularly effective in dense or noise sensitive environments due to its vertical sound redirection.

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