Solar Lighting for Outdoor Courts

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Night Vision Clarity

Dynamic Range

Hurricane Proof

Extreme Cost-Efficiency

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Ignite The Night

Precision Solar Engineering

NightVision Phillips Illumined LED Chips

Ultrabright 19,200 lumen directional illumination LED technology ensures energy-efficient and durable focused light with advanced precision optics, setting the gold standard in solar innovation.


Optimal Yield Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Monocrystalline solar panels excel with unmatched efficiency and durability, utilizing single-crystal silicon to achieve peak energy production and reliability, indisputably the leader in solar technology.  

Relentless LiFePO4 Battery Endurance

The LiFePO4 battery is a powerhouse, delivering a minimum of 10 years of unwavering, dependable energy supply, unmatched in resilience and endurance.

Indestructible Cat-5 Aluminum Frame

Indestructible aluminum, impervious to a Category 5 hurricane, showcases unparalleled strength, rendering it invincible against nature’s most violent conditions.  

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Battery Endurance

Can the battery endure a full night of play?

The LiFePO4 battery stores enough power to last 3-5 nights off a single charge. Stored energy is reserved as backup to withstand cloudy days.

Battery Life

What is the lifespan of the battery?

The LiFePO4 battery delivers uncompromised illumination for a minimum of 10 years before potential replacement considerations arise.

Lighting Intensity

Are the solar lights sufficiently bright for competitive play?

Each lamp, powered by Phillips Illumined LED Chips, produces an impressive 19,200 lumens, vividly illuminating the world of night vision play.

Lighting Control

How can the lights be controlled?

PICKLEVISION™ features smart programmable functions, enabling easy adjustment of brightness and schedules via sensors or personalized settings.

Weather Resistance

How durable are the solar lights against extreme weather?

The indestructible aluminum frame demonstrates unparalleled strength, making it impervious to nature’s most violent conditions.

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Big Savings, Big Impact!

Installation Savings

No Electrician. No Wiring. No Permits

Energy Efficiency

No Monthly Energy Bill

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Tax Incentive

30% Tax Credit

Environmental Edge

Carbon Reduction. Sustainable Energy

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