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PICKLEGLASS™ lighting systems are designed to elevate the player experience and extend on-court hours at your residential or commercial property. Our comprehensive package includes 8 top-tier, high-performance LEDs, each crafted and positioned for optimal performance. The sleek, low-profile design of PICKLEGLASS™, featuring a clear tempered flat glass lens and a watertight aluminum frame, provides outstanding brightness and uniformity while reducing energy consumption approximately 75% compared to standard HID lighting systems.

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PICKLEGLASS™ lighting systems are designed in compliance with USA Pickleball and USTA standards. We have meticulously engineered the structural placement of the lights for both our single and multi-court models, ensuring evenly distributed illumination across the court for optimal visibility and precise cut-off.


A photometric study can help determine the optimal layout of light poles and fixtures to achieve desired illuminance levels and uniformity across the Primary Playing Area (PPA). PICKLEGLASS™ lighting systems are engineered to deliver consistently exceptional performance. The results of the photometric study conclude an average maintained level of 51-FC and uniformity ratio of 1.64.

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